The Common Responsibility Campaign for 2022


The pandemic has been a trying time for children and young people in Finland and in catastrophe areas around the world. You have the power to give this growing generation a brighter tomorrow by donating to the Common Responsibility Campaign. The campaign will help to bring more adult support into the lives of children and youth.



 Approximately 60% of the donated funds will be directed to the work of Finn Church Aid to provide assistance in developing countries. The Disaster Relief Fund of Finn Church Aid helps to initiate and implement emergency relief actions in response to humanitarian catastrophes in developing countries. The need for these actions is caused generally by natural disasters (drought, floods, storms, earthquakes), political conflicts and their ramifications, or unforeseen accidents.


Approximately 20% of the donated funds will remain in participating parishes to support their work aimed at helping distressed youth and for use as diaconal subsidies.

Approximately 20% will be given to the Finnish Association for Children and Youth (Lasten ja nuorten keskus), which runs, for example, the Saapas service that ensures the supportive presence of safe adults in the lives of young people. The national NettiSaapas network of volunteers reaches out to young people through social media and offers them someone safe to talk to, when needed. The newest component of the Saapas service is the KouluSaapas programme being developed through co-operation with schools.

Fundraising for 2022 will get underway on 6 February 2022. The patron of the fundraising campaign is the President of the Republic, and the manager of the campaign for 2021 is Mari Leppänen, Bishop of the Diocese of Turku.

The Common Responsibility Campaign for 2020 supports parenthood

Starting on 2 February, the Common Responsibility Campaign for 2020 will provide support for parenthood in Finland and disaster areas around the world.

When parents are happy, children are happy. Evidence from research shows that a positive relationship between a child and a parent promotes the good overall development of the child.

Loneliness, stress and the lack of social support experienced by parents pose a risk to the positive development of children. Despite the common knowledge that support is necessary, many parents feel that the social support they receive is not sufficient. Also, they find that they are often left on their own to cope with the challenges of parenting. On the other hand, studies on the stress experienced by parents show that social support helps parents and reinforces the health and well-being of the entire family, especially when parents are facing challenges in their daily life.

A total of 40 percent of the proceeds from this year’s Common Responsibility Campaign will remain in Finland. Half of this domestic share will be used by parishes for measures intended to support parenthood.

The other half of the domestic proceeds will be used for threshold-free assistance measures all over Finland, aimed at reinforcing parenting and enhancing the relationship between children and parents. Our partners in implementing this will be the Mannerheim League for Child Welfare and Save the Children. The various forms of support will be initiated in the beginning of the year 2021.

The funds raised in the Common Responsibility Campaign can be used, for example, to offer peer support for parents or opportunities for families to pursue hobbies together, or to provide overburdened families with the help of a trustworthy adult. Additional low-threshold services are especially needed to help parents with their everyday life. Many everyday difficulties and challenges can be overcome with the help of well-functioning networks and the support of friends and family. The aim is to also utilise Common Responsibility funds to establish locations where the support between children and families can be reinforced.

The remaining 60 percent of the proceeds of the Common Responsibility Campaign will be directed to international assistance through the Disaster Fund of Finn Church Aid. Providing parents and families abroad with versatile support is vital, for example, in areas susceptible to natural disasters and in refugee camps, where parents are forced to concentrate on survival and making a living.

In the disaster areas of the world, the proceeds from the 2020 Common Responsibility Campaign will be used to support the education of women and mothers as well as to increase their opportunities to gain a livelihood.

The journey of the Common Responsibility movement started in 1950, so the year 2020 marks its 70th anniversary.

The launching of the campaign: on the first Sunday of February, 2 February 2020.
The opening service of the campaign from Turku Cathedral on Yle TV1 at 10 a.m.
The opening speech for the campaign by the President of the Republic on Yle TV1 and Radio Suomi at noon.