The Common Responsibility Campaign

The Common Responsibility Campaign (known in Finnish as “Yhteisvastuukeräys”) is a nationwide social movement based on the philosophy “love thy neighbour” and the annual fundraising campaign of the Finnish Lutheran Church.

It helps those in need irrespective of their origin, faith or political convictions both in Finland and in developing countries. 60 % of the proceeds go into international development work and emergency aid channelled through Finn Church Aid. 20 % is used annually for specially chosen cause in Finland and 20 % for diaconal work carried out by the Church and its parishes.

The campaign is most active from February till April but the collection permit is valid around the year. The collection permit number in 2017 is RA/2016/344, in Åland ÅLR 2016/4902. The patron of the campaign is The President of the Republic.