The Common Responsibility Campaign

The Common Responsibility Campaign (known in Finnish as Yhteisvastuukeräys) is a nationwide social movement based on the philosophy “love thy neighbour” and the annual fundraising campaign of the Finnish Lutheran Church. The Common Responsibility is organized by Kirkkopalvelut (The Church Resources Agency).

The Common Responsibility Campaign defends neglected people and advocates for caring and justice. Fighting indifference, we encourage society and its members to assume responsibility. The patron of the campaign is The President of the Republic.

The Common Responsibility Campaign helps those in need irrespective of their origin, faith or political convictions both in Finland and abroad.

Approximately 60% of the proceeds of the Common Responsibility Campaign are channeled to the Finn Church Aid’s Disaster Fund, which enables the launch and implementation of emergency response to humanitarian disasters.

20 % is used annually for financial aid for variable charity projects in Finland and 20 % for diaconal work carried out by the local parishes.

The support is very concrete – the aim is to help people help themselves.  Since 1950, the  Campaign has reached already hundreds of thousands of people.

The campaign is most active from February till April but the collection permit is valid around the year.

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