The proceeds distribution

The Proceeds of the Common Responsibility Fundraising Campaign are divided as follows:

60 % to international deaconal work: Approximately 60% of the proceeds of the Common Responsibility Campaign are channeled to the Finn Church Aid’s Disaster Fund, which enables the launch and implementation of emergency response to humanitarian disasters.

About 40 % to beneficiaries in Finland, from which

about 20 % to an annually variable target in Finland chosen by the Common Responsibility

In 2022 the target will be supporting children and young people after the pandemic.

About 20 % to a target chosen by the local parish

Parishes vary in the ways in which they use their own share of the proceeds. The funds are used for deaconal aid, cooperative projects in the neighbourhood, or to support an aid organisation, for instance. Some parishes turn over their share to the national targets in Finland or abroad.

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